Why Holista

Holista is recognized as India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of quality food. We manufacture a wide range of premium coconut kernel products - virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut milk powder, coconut cream and desiccated coconut and RBD coconut oil. This, and our food ingredients and preparatory products are marketed under the brand names Arogya and Coco Magic.


The Indian tradition

The rich Indian tradition emphasizes the importance of coconut in all its rituals. It is because the yields of the tree - the fruit with its refreshing water, its tasty kernel and oil – all carry a lot of health benefits. The tree is looked upon as that which returns the care bestowed on it, through its sweet coconut water and the varied uses of its products. India records a whopping 3000+ years of coconut cultivation!

Raw materials

Our raw material procurement is inland, as India enjoys the 3rd position in coconut production. India, with its cultivation of coconut trees, is definitely a better choice for the coconut market. Playing on home ground thus puts us in an advantageous position, in relation to procurement and transport of raw materials and cost of production.

Voyage period

Time is of utmost importance in the natural food products business. Since we ship our products from the Tuticorin Port to the western countries, the voyage period is less and the goods reach the destination within the stipulated time. The distance the goods travel is directly proportionate to the ocean freight charges. This enables us to maintain an almost stable cost of production

Trading fee

Buying from India gives you a concession in Import Duty as Indian goods fall into the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) which is an added advantage for who importers of our products. We value your trust hence we are committed to quality and on-time delivery.